DC Blogs Noted

Hilarity in Shoes pays moving and beautiful tribute to a lost friend, lost in more ways than one.

It’s always an adventure getting around the metro area. Traffic. Train delays. Motorcades. Goats? Yes, goats. Gaithersburg’s fun with an out-of-place animal, courtesy of The Green Miles.

The Big Piece of Cake has a son named George, who is five and has quite a way with words. Because I am a fan of language, I could not help but love his “patois, George’s ‘preschool jive.'”

Retail is a fluid industry, with constant and never-ending change, as anyone who ever spent time working at the mall will tell you. Sometimes, as Soup is Not a Finger Food noticed recently, the change sneaks up on you and thoroughly wrecks your plans.

[F]oxymoron ponders if there’s any real difference between a pick-up line and a tripwire.

Keep It Simple Foods has some rock-star amazing pretty pictures of food – in this case, pickled purple cabbage – to share with us.

And to take us out, your obligatory musing on whether or not the Rapture will happen this weekend, courtesy of Candy Sandwich. I express no opinion on the matter, but I will make sure that tonight’s dinner is especially satisfying. Just in case. Be careful out there!



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