DC Blogs Noted

Starbucks does coffee tastings? And they have the nerve to conduct them dangerously close to The Rapture? Capital Cooking attended one.

For Chalicechick, graduation from law school feels like “a celebration that [she] no longer has to hit herself in the face with a hammer every goddamned day.” Sounds about right.

It’s good to know that my child isn’t the only one who changes from a sweet boy to a tiny, smoothie-covered mini-demon in the blink of an eye. Perhaps you commiserate with Lemon Gloria as well.

What would compel you to break into a wad of secret cash you had stored away for years? For Stirrup Queens, the answer is “Board Games.”

S. Krisna’s Books reviews a current top-seller: Tina Fey’s Bossypants.

Every Sunday Beltway Bargain Mom publishes a list of all the coupon goodies from the Sunday Washington Post. Personally, I find this to be an awesome resource; after the advent of Extreme Couponing I think that we’re all interested in getting $2,000 of groceries for $2.58. Well, at least one can dream…



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