DC Blogs Noted

Many bloggers decided to poke fun at the Rapture, and the way that it didn’t happen, over the weekend. While the rest of us are wholly disappointed that we could not partake in Post Rapture looting, The DCist notes that the end of the world may be closer than we think, because the government may have developed a sense of a humor.

Not bothered by the impending end of the world, Que Sera, Sarah decided this weekend was the perfect time to sort out her storage woes.

All the parents out there probably understand the full meaning of the phrase “Creepy Quiet“, and Parenting for Dummies takes a moment to examine just how much a moment of quiet is worth.

The Anti D.C. pokes fun at The Post yet again, this time for their review on the “Ultra Hip” city of Moscow.

Bird is the Word. The Always witty WashingTina shares a few stories of how cohabitation with humans can be dangerous for our fine feathered friends.



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