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Who doesn’t like a good ol’ round of Would You Rather? Let’s have some fun with So Good.

Congratulations to Tales from Coach Land on the new addition! Here she is, welcoming her second into the world with some post-birth perspective.

Thrifty DC Cook brings us today’s pretty picture of food with a classic French twist. This is one of my favorite snacks, and its good and cheap, too!

The Heights Life reminds us that with this weekend comes DC public pool season! Here’s all the information. Who’s hoping Mayor Gray brings back the cannonball tradition? I am. Desperately.

And I know I already did a pretty picture of food, but forgive me for this one from Edatrix. Amazing photography, killer recipe, and… folks, it’s a chocolate. peanut-butter. brownie.

Not Enough Tequila in the World ruminates on a trend that confuses me, too. To get all early-Seinfeld on you, what? is the deal? with planking?

And with this amazingly joyful picture, courtesy of Shine Silently, I send you all on your way to have a smashing Memorial Day weekend. Stay safe and have fun!



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