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The Republican Diet Program All About Trey The GOP South Beach Diet.

I’ve been on the Republican Diet Program for almost a year now and I have to tell you it’s just AMAZING!!! Yep, a year ago some heathen,liberal, socialist, and probably gay Democrats were making ugly, unpatriotic comments about my weight, so I decided to declare a War On Fat or WOF, for short. My WOF would how them all that my love for my body is only surpassed by my love of my country. So I started on the Republican Diet.

Glossary Kathryn on … This is the official, first online edition, Kathryn-to-English Dictionary. And, unlike that Potter/Wizard book, you don’t have to stand in line. This invaluable reference will help you spice up cocktail chatter with expressions such as:

dramaramadingdong – (origin: my gay bf W) noun; overwraught dramatic situation that stretches out over a period of time. e.g. “My sister’s wedding was a big, long dramaramadingdong. You don’t wanna know.”

Serious Cleanup in Aisle 9 I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet A Wino A touching post about a cat, a grandfather and shopping. It starts like this: Bug is on a diet. I compared his body to the drawings of acceptable and “yo mama is so fat” feline bodies in Cats for Dummies and Bug is decidedly the latter. So I’ve cut back his food in attempt to trim him down. Also Noted This might be a stretch, but the Manchurian Candidate nominee by Rants and Ramblings. The perfect gift to that someone special who refuses to ask for directions: Google Moon. Not only amazing but also pretty amusing, writes DirectCurrent.