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It’s Not Just Networking Diary of an Ad Man It’s how you network that matters. Good career advice.

My personal philosophy with networking is that you go to help other people out, and with that attitude you make some good contacts. When I fail to have that attitude, and pursue new biz contacts solely, it’s usually not a productive use of my time.

Bloggers on the road Close calls, traffic tickets, fender benders Assorted blogs

Thank you for burying me, is Are Seven. Excerpt: And considering that I proved to myself last night that I’m one of those idiots who walks out in front of cars, I’ll probably die pretty soon. While on her bicycle, Jamy of Grateful Dating is hit by a vehicle. An excerpt: The guy, in his enormous burgundy truck said, “What? I didn’t see you.” 94 in a 65, writes City Sparkle.

Also Noted: Water dripping from a bathtub alerts neighbors to a man passed out in a bathtub. He is revived but a mystery remains, reports Pie Pants. Grubby clothes are no protection against pick-up attempts, writes Holly. All In Caps says he’s all done playing kickball in the DC Independence Division. Residential parking in DC is illegal, argues Will of Cresent Sententia. If D.C. were a state rather than a federal enclave, I would be prepared to argue that residential parking regimes are in fact unconstitutional, violating the antidiscrimination rule of Article IV’s privileges/immunities clause. DC is a city of influence, writes a Texan in for a visit. Case in point, everyone will own an iPod by this time next year … and will wear it with pride, complete with matching white earphones. Maybe that’s a stretch, but there really are a hell of a lot of people with them up there. Locals call it part of the “DC uniform”. By Phil. Why can’t DC do this? Follow link at Daily Thoughts. See dcblogs.com/live for the latest