DC Blogs Noted

It really feels as if summer is (finally) here, and Make Lemons kicked the season off with a trip to Dogfish Head Alehouse, and pens an entry that will leave you hungry (and thirsty) for more…

Calling all dog lovers! Pamela’s Punch has the details for Paws at the Park, an event for you and your pooch, happening this Wednesday

There’s nothing more amazing than the moment of clarity, when you realize that you’re living your dream. Some people never accomplish it, but 2011: A Year of Authenticity discusses her path, and how she knew what she wanted to do with her life, and who she wanted to be.

Not that we need to hear any more bad news about the economy, AverageBro ponders the recent ups and downs of the job market, and poses a few questions to his readers about what we think our commander-in-chief should do to create more jobs.

Blame Mark Zuckerberg! One of the bloggers at Scary Mommy turns to her significant other to help her cut ties with someone who just doesn’t understand there’s a fine line between keeping up with friends and internet stalking people you weren’t friends with from the get-go.



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