DC Blogs Noted

Two former fair-haired golden boys of the south are in trouble with the law. Lance Armstrong faces questions regarding performance enhancing drugs, while John Edwards has been indicted on charges of campaign finance irregularities. The Bicycle Spokesman blog imagines a conversation between the two as future cellmates.

The Hip Flask contemplates the ramifications of getting older as measured by the changes in his tastes in booze.

As the job market is still in a very precarious state (if you’re the job seeker), blog posts from hiring experts are always welcome by some readers. Pithypants gives some tips on avoiding a preemptive trashing of one’s resume.

This spring has visited an unprecedented frequency of disasters upon our country – floods, tornadoes, wild fires, etc. – and our collective generosity speaks well to the truest measures of our national character. However, not all help is equal (or even wanted); the Red Cross blog has a guide for “How to Help (and not hurt) When You Donate or Volunteer.”

25 Strange/Interesting/Sexual/Embarrassing/Misc. Looks the author of Awkward Sex and the City has received.

The Snarkshelf blog truly embodies the spirit of its name with several (fictional) letters to Congressman Anthony Weiner from past and present relationships.

…speaking of the Weiner episode, Always a Drunk, Never a Bride presented an engaging account of her reaction to the whole sordid affair.

Where the Girls Go offers a “Queer Woman’s Guide to Capitol Pride.”



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