DC Blogs Noted

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day spending time with, remembering, or being, a dad.

The detail that Wardrobe Oxygen includes in this post about everything she took with her to Bonnaroo (and I mean EVERYTHING) is truly captivating. As someone who has never been, I feel like I just learned all I need to know about the logistics of the festival.

For you apartment dwellers: Thrifty DC Cook has grown an herb garden that is inspirational to those without much outdoor space.

DC-365 has some beautiful photos of the Columbia Heights Farmer’s Market.

Learn a little bit about Magnolia‘s dad.

My Pretty Pennies talks about the importance of showing up, which she learned from her father.

Did you know there is a blog called Nail Nerd that features different nail designs and photos of perfectly manicured fingers? It fascinates me AND makes me feel unbelievably self conscious about my over-bitten fingernails at the same time!



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