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Every good business owner wants to keep an eye on their employees while they’re away, right? Make sure they keep “making that money.” However, sometimes, it might be a good idea to back off, as told by The DCist

DC offers the first edible garden tour in the area this July, and D.C. Guerilla Garden has the delicious details for you.

Label makers create a compulsion to label. …Or maybe we already had OCD. Tickle the Pear explores an anal retentive side of things.

Social Networking has led many of folks to include other people under the umbrella term “friends” that they wouldn’t normally. It’s also caused levels of passive aggression to go through the roof, and statements like “Making some changes, don’t be surprised if you’re not a part of them” have become common place. Biscuits and Gravy offers a guide to evaluation of friendship, and yourself that you might want to consider before you go cleaning house.

S*** My Dad says may not be a big television success, but thanks to Lemon Gloria we can still giggle about S*** Jordan’s Dad Says.



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