DC Blogs Noted

Among the best parts of summer in DC is the plethora of free outdoor activities. The blogger who has a view from The 42 Bus writes about one of the lesser known but very charming venues – Fort Reno Summer Music Series.

He may not be on the side of a milk carton, but the New Columbia Heights blog endorses the quixotic call to Return Butterstick Now!

Congratulations to DC-based writer and DC Blogger Sandra Beasely on the publication of her third book. In her latest post on her blog Chicks Dig Poetry, she recounts the story of receiving her advance copies.

The self-described “recovering lawyer” who writes the Pundit Mom blog is not too happy with the latest ruling from our nation’s highest court – “Supreme Court Tells Women to Shut Up and Go Home – Again.”

It is not the practice of this page to feature blogs that have a clearly commercial interest. The most recent post from the Urban Turf Real Estate blog is a noteable exception as it explains a new (and time-sensitive) program from the Obama administration designed to help unemployed homeowners stave off foreclosure with interest free loans.

Malnurtured Snay has some thoughts on the drunk driving death of Ryan Dunn and the mixed message we collectively send by building bars with parking lots.

Pithy Pants is an unabashed fan of Food Trucks. Unfortunately for her (but fortunate for her “credibility as an objective reviewer”) she has some less than glowing reviews to share.



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