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With the middle of June, comes the end of school.  For kids that means its time for summer vacation.  For parents, it is wondering what to do with the kids.  Scary Mom talks about her memories of summer camp, and how she wishes she could have been a “camp kid.”

City Girl reflects on the one year anniversary of her cancer diagnosis. Instead of feeling sad, she turns her post into one of hope and talks about the things she is thankful for over the past year.  She is truly an inspiration.

Unpopped Collar saw the rainbow I was hoping to see on Friday and captured it on camera.  From the Nationals’ Stadium.  Pretty cool pic.

Sometimes it is hard to be an adult.  Especially when you remember all the carefree things that came with being a kid.  Ice-cream trucks, family dinners, safe neighborhoods.  Phnx65 lists things that she misses…and after reading her list, I can almost guarantee you will wish you were still 8 years old.



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