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This week’s pretty pictures of food – make that GORGEOUS pictures of food – come with a big side dish of perspective, courtesy of On a Lobster Placemat.

Are you like me, and just a teensy bit jumpy when someone holds eye contact with you a little too long? I think I’d go crazy trying this event. But if you’re not unnerved, read all about an eye-gazing party being held in our fair city next week, thanks to Pamela’s Punch.

Candy Sandwich spins a compelling story of volunteerism and what you can learn while taping packages.

I live with a New York native, which means I know the New York-DC rivalry all too well. The Anti DC uses that premise to meditate on the phenomenon – and the value – of reverse haterism.

Demanding excellence? Ooh, yes, please, Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space. Tell us more!

And because we can all use some beauty to send us into another summer weekend, I leave you with BF Butler Photo‘s simple offering: clematis. Have a splendid weekend!



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