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A new arrival to DC from the West Coast has moved to Columbia Heights and writes: this neighborhood is refreshing in some ways, sad in others. refreshing in that it’s diverse, young, happenin’, “up-and-coming” and filled with colorful townhouses with front porches, compared with other areas of dc that are filled with businesssuits and chi-chi restaurants. sad in that every single person i’ve talked to while visiting apartments has explained neighborhoods in terms of their level of gentrification. bienvenue à la district.

If you use Google translator Froken Bru becomes NSFW, otherwise no one (well, almost no one) will understand it. But the photos are safe, fun and different.

Blarneycrone offers a touching and well written tribute after attending a memorial service. The post begins: The world is short of interesting men. This makes it sad to lose one.

14th & You tells of the opening of Lost Society and some other goings on.

The DC Market Seen is all about DC’s outdoor markets.

Note about photo: Police arrested about a 12 people Saturday who were protesting DC’s lack of voting rights. DCist has story.



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