DC Blogs Noted

In a Bookstore full of Stephenie Myers and Snooki hardcovers, it can be difficult to find a book that has depth, and is also interesting.Skullcrusher Mountain summarizes a few books that he enjoyed over the last few months.

Just like Listen to Leon I, too, suffer from the trouble of having “one of those faces“. Fortunately, I don’t seem to share in the other troubles he outlines in this humorous post.

As a networking blogger, I’m always interested in new things to toss in my reader. Parenting By Dummies gave me the mother load this week, with a comprehensive list of community blogs that will undoubtedly make your reading list.

Sassy Marmalade recaps her weekend as a single lady, and reflects on trying to maintain positive thoughts, despite the less than positive events in her life. Please permit me a “You go, girl!”

The age old question has finally been answered! Turns out, size doesn’t really matter! Well, at least not where your clothing is concerned. East Coast Chic has the skinny on finding the best fit. Even the guys might find this post a little helpful.

Many people (including yours truly) have struggled with their weight over the years. Dating Rules for Sitcoms pens a narrative about current dieting woes, and wonders how it will affect her upcoming vacation.



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