DC Blogs Noted

What’s it like to see two giants of Music perform in the span of a few days? An Unpopular Girl in Womanhood tells the tale.

Because who doesn’t love a good dog friendly Happy Hour? Dining in DC has a guide to canine and wallet friendly places to imbibe.

Slinky skirts and pretty shoes are always worth the trip so argues the eponymous Jenny’s Blog.

An occasional deviation into the archives of a blog (even a defunct one) is warranted. Thus I remind all of you gentle readers of DC Damsel‘s treatise on divorce and recovery and the faint relationship it has to the Hollywood-ified tale of Eat, Pray, Love.

Adventures in internet dating are common blog fodder, but they are told with uncommon eloquence when spun from the hand of one-and-future DC blogger, Life Goes On, I Think.



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