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I know people have brain hiccups from time to time. (For your humble editor, it’s an alarmingly regular occurrence.) looking2live had one the other day. I don’t know about y’all, but that makes me feel a little less alone.

Here’s a lesson I think we here in the nation’s capital could heed a little more often. In our hard-charging type-A existence, bloomindc.com reminds us that sometimes, it’s OK just to say… no.

Oh, C + C Marriage Factory, you have hit me where I live for this go-round of pretty pictures of food. Bloody Mary salad? Yes, please.

The age-old conundrum that strikes us all as we get to a place of maturity: rent or buy? hey, love ruminates on the choice to buy, and all the consequences it brings.

I, as a twice-a-day Metro rider with no car, happen to think our transit system deals with an inordinately large share of complaints relative to the issues it causes. However, I am 100% on board with the premise of this one. Unsuck DC Metro gives us the lowdown on jerky Metro rides. As someone who always ends up with a bruise on whichever shoulder is next to the partition wall from one too many Orange line short-stops, i’m glad to see it explained like this.

And finally, a tiny vacation picture from the fauxtography phlog. Happy weekend, y’all!



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