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I think it makes everyone feel a little bit better to know that even some of the most famously fashionable people on the planet make blunders occasionally, even those with a royal wardrobe. Sassy Marmalade has the details.

This post by Princess Sparkle Pony had me rolling on the ground laughing. It’s just so silly. The title says it all: Rupert Murdoch Hand Turkeys.

If you’ve been paying attention for the last week or so, you know about the great Netflix Debacle. D.C. Universe pokes fun at those who refuse to take this price hike sitting down.

While on the subject of Movies, Comic Books Geeks and Movie go-ers alike have finally been given access to the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Diatribes by Joah shares it with his readers.

If you’re looking for something to do this Friday, why not check out a production of Sweeney Todd? Wolf Trap‘s inside scoop on the gory thriller musical as it comes to the NoVa area.



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