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As one who was a Twitter skeptic for far longer than it was fashionable, this contributing editor has sufficiently eschewed that belief to have found great humor in Love, Elizabethany’s compilation of the funniest tweets  with the #whitepeoplehobbies, #blackpeoplehobbies hashtags.

The GLAA Forum blog calls out LGBT activist Dan Choi for “his histrionics… refusal to give due credit” and his seeming belief “that anything short of [LGBT equality] perfection requires blanket condemnation.”

With virtually all of the culinary oxygen in the room being used to discuss the upcoming DC Restaurant Week, DC Beer Week is getting very little notice. The DC Beer Blog is one-stop shopping for information about the week long Brewing Bacchanalia.

If you have the courage to begin a blog post with “As a victim of rape, I am intimately acquainted with the difficulties women face when confronted with the decision to report the violation,” it will merit inclusion in this space. The Nahmias Cipher Report writes “Russian Roulette of Rape.”

Who among us isn’t a sucker for a good blogger & blogger Love Story… or at least the start of one? A Single Girl Doing Single Things had a great first date.

Peace | Love | Nicole had me at documentary about Tribe Called Quest – arguably the greatest hip-hop group in the history of the genre.



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