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It has been a long, hot week.  And it is not going to cool off any time soon.  Check out the following two summer recipes.  First is Mango and Tomato‘s recipe for chilled beet soup.  Pair that withI Flip for Food‘s avocado, corn, and romaine salad topped with a chipotle lime dressing, and you have got yourself one healthy and refreshing summer dinner.    All you need now is wine…or sangria…or margaritas…take your pick.

Dating, DC wishes that things were simpler in the dating world.  Trust me, sister, all of us single ladies can relate.

Chic Cottage Charm and her husband bought their Arlington home earlier this year and started a blog to document and share the renovations.  Last week, the renovations were completed!  Check out the final product, and from everyone at DC Blogs, congratulations!

Bachelorsaurus Wrex is about a fictional character, Andrew Ryan and his adventures in and around DC.  You probably won’t like Andrew Ryan (he is a bit of a womanizer, to put it mildly), but you will find his stories entertaining.  And from the sounds of his latest post, the guy behind the blog can cook.  And knows his wine.  Always good things.

Finally, does DC Urban Dad have his work cut out for him, because his little girl already knows exactly what to say to get what she wants.



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