DC Blogs Noted

Ooh, man. There is nothing like tomatoes when it’s as ungodly hot as it is outside right now. Pretty pictures of refreshing food, courtesy of Fifthfloorkitchen’s Blog.

Few things stir up controversy around here like urban planning. There’s a to-do brewing in Adams Morgan, as detailed by Greater Greater Washington.

Mistopia advertises itself as “a collection of interesting stories.” This time, they really deliver a good one. I give you The Playbook.

So many of us depend on public transit, and in weather like this, that can be an experiment in terror the likes of which it’s best not to contemplate for too long. So here’s a big dose of “if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane”: ways to stay cool on the Metro, thanks to the B(ridge) and T(unnel) Crowd.

And finally, to take us out, some images from a hike. If it’s so hot outside that we can’t actually go outside, we can live vicariously through sprite writes. Be safe, stay cool, and drink water this weekend!



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