DC Blogs Noted

I wasn’t trying to make this a Ladies-Only version of DC Blogs Noted… it just kinda worked out that way.

-the fooler initiative- has broken her silence and deals with a situation that is too familiar to many – the family loves The Ex.

What Lemmonex calls fluff, this contributing editor calls a pithy gathering of things she Loves and Lusts in her world.

When a “sex kitten” deals with the heat wave, you know that the mercury isn’t the only thing rising in Suicide Blonde‘s world.

The blogger behind Midnight Train to DC contemplates whether turning 30 is a Milestone or Millstone and reflects on her life at that time as she has several friends who are knock, knock, knocking on 30’s door.

When the cotton is high and you need a new summer drink, Shoes & Cocktails has you covered with a recipe for Mango Margaritas.

The once and future DC blogger of Life Goes On, I Think writes compellingly of the common problem of a blogger losing her motivation/inspiration/inclination to post.



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