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Ever wondered what it’s like to have lunch with a presidential candidate? PunditMom had Tea Party cookies with Michele Bachmann and tells us all about it.

I’m THRILLED to see football return, without a single game missed. I can’t wait to see my beloved Saints in action. But for an unorthodox perspective on the hometown boys, here’s the inimitable Listen to Leon.

Thanks, Blarney Crone, for giving me a slack-tastic new exercise move: dancing in bed. (And no, it’s not what it sounds like. Minds out of the gutter, people!)

MAN, I wish it wasn’t too hot to bake at my house right now! Pretty pictures of cherry-ginger cobbler, courtesy of Concrete Jungle DC. Add a little vanilla ice cream… mmm…

Dancing is one of the few exceptions to my usual rule of a complete lack of grace. But it’s not for everyone. Always a Drunk, Never a Bridetells us that, “simply put, her hips lie.”

Children: they stir up some serious passions, especially when it comes to combining them with adults in public. From Stirrup Queens, a debate: should businesses flat-out ban kids?

And finally, here’s a nice visual respite from a hot, sticky DC summer: Mount Everest, as pictured from a plane, thanks to Go Backpacking. Have a great weekend full of cool thoughts!



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