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How are melons and interns similar?  Hungry Sam provides a witty and accurate description. And speaking of interns, I wonder how the Capitol Hill interns felt when the secret service shut down Good Stuff Eatery yesterday so that President Obama and his staff could chow down on burgers So good tells the story and even snapped a photo of the President ordering. Interesting that the President ordered the regular burger and not the Prez Obama Burger.

City Girls World male guest author is back after a long hiatus to talk about winning and losing the “new significant other battle.”

Not A Lucky Girlwrites about how quickly August arrived and how she plans to savor the feeling of not returning to school this fall for the first time in 18 years.  Even though August is here, the heat is not wavering.  And what better way to cool down after a hot commute home than to try out Keep it Simple Foods’ blueberry infused vodka lemonade. Yum!

Finally, need some tips for online dating?  A Single Lady in DC shares some pointers on setting up an online profile, how to message back and forth, and what to do when you meet up.



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