DC Blogs Noted

For all those D.I.Y.ers out there, check out Sugar and Art‘s latest project: Eco friendly invitations.

Wine connoisseur A Glass After Work sits down with readers and talks about what made her decide to chose her career path, in an effort to personalize her blog. Stop by and check out her story.

I’ve never met a personal shopper before, let alone read the blog of one. Today, I was introduced to Cathy Phillips Fashion. Her latest post is about her struggle with having the tables turned on her: Now she needs the help of a personal shopper!

Any blogger has probably been curious about where their traffic comes from, although in some cases, you may not want to know. Laura Donovan reflects on the odd search terms people googled to wind up on her little slice of internet.

The A-Town Dog Blog scopes up my pick for best pictures this week with a short, sweet, simple post about “doggy friendships“.

Always a tasty addition to any round up, I had to include Keep it Simple Foods‘s recipe for Dark Chocolate Truffles. Quit and painless in terms of truffle making, I hope you sink your teeth into this chocolaty goodness.



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