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Now HERE’S something I’ve been wondering for a long time. Lemon Zest asks: why aren’t there adult Lunchables? I mean, I’m not above eating crackers with processed cheese and randomly-shaped turkey slices, but it is a bit out of character with the whole “being grown” thing…

When a relationship ends and the initial jolt of horror, sorrow, etc. clears, you’re left to manage the loneliness. We’ve all been there. Hilarity in Shoes offers her eloquent and touching thoughts.

School started in my hometown this week. It’s starting all over the metro area pretty soon. After a school-supply shopping trip with her kids, Finding Blanche reflects on a cigar box full of Crayolas and the passing of time.

From Feast after Famine, yet another reason for us girls to work out

I have nothing to add to this collection of sublimely pretty pictures of food, courtesy of the First & Hope Supper Club… except that I am seriously jealous of this meal.

And as summer winds down, we replace vacation pictures with commuting war stories. From Malnurtured Snay, read – if you dare – the confessions of a Metro napper.



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