DC Blogs Noted

A five-year-old teaches I Wanna Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughn a few things about life. For example, that “her daddy takes his wedding ring off a lot when he leaves the house.”

News Flash: Beer gifting is not an appropriate way to thank firemen from saving you and/or your house, according to DCist.

My Third Eye Scratched features images of people in body paint, depicting the styles of famous artists. Different to say the least!

In a strange twist on the traditional grade school Thanksgiving craft, Princess Sparkle Pony gives you Rick Perry Hand Turkeys.

She Who Has A Why examines, very thoroughly and thoughtfully, the way that militaristic language pervades the way that we talk about cancer (“battle,” “struggle,” “fight,” and so on).

A unique condiment: Lebanese Garlic Sauce, from I Flip For Food.

It’s Fall! So it’s time for Homemade Kettle Corn from Keep It Simple Foods!



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