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Little shock that the bulk of this post will be dedicated to the earthquake that devastated rocked shook up the east coast today. There were scores of posts about the tremors, the physical and mental impacts, or similar subjects. Here are the ones that moved me most (no pun intended, but I’m keeping it.)

Lemmonex writes hauntingly, beautifully about the immediate thoughts and eventual perspective.

Balancing on Painted Curbstones writes about a neophyte experiencing an earthquake.

Laura E. Donovan deals with the professionalism and camaraderie of journalists in the face of understandable uncertainty/fear.

Woah Baby! Struggled with the “go outside or stand in a doorway” question and her baby’s first earthquake.

Sword and the Script examines the speed of social media when learning about a major event at home when you’re deployed overseas.

XKCD is a web based comic strip and wrote the funniest quake related thing that I read all day… that it was written well in advance of the event makes it even more presciently brilliant.

In other news…

One of the writers of The Blog at 16th and Q is about to be a stem cell donor.

MtnGrl Musing reflects on the musical legacy of the recently deceased Nick Ashford, one half of the legendary singer/songwriter duo Ashford & Simpson. In case you’re not familiar, they are the writers behind Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, All I Need to Get By, and about 20 other number one hits.



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