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First an earthquake, now a hurricane? Jeez! As a Gulf Coast kid, I am well accustomed to hurricane preparedness. However, if you are not, the National Weather Service has some great information for you, found here and here. Stock up on food and drinks, don’t drive through puddles, and use your common sense. Oh, and if you are a consumer of adult libations, drink rum punch (rum, orange juice, pineapple juice & grenadine is my favorite). It makes the hurricane go faster. Now, on with the show!

PSA time, after a fashion. Drama in DC reminds us that, despite the judgment (real or imagined) of others, it’s very important to get tested.

In the face of Steve Jobs’ retirement from Apple, Stirrup Queens spins a yarn of the Apple CEO and Albus Dumbledore. I’ll trust the Potter-literate among the readership to tell me whether it’s an apt comparison…

A pretty picture of food to warm any Southern girl’s heart – bread pudding, courtesy of A Bitchin’ Kitchen.

The Rantings of a Creole Princess brings us phrases that should die a slow, painful death. Language snobs, rejoice! (I’ll be right there with you.)

A great take on authenticity in the age of Facebook from Masala Chica.

And finally, as we all brace for more natural insanity, some shots of happier times. Food and vacation pictures from Cape Cod, all in one post, from Capitol to Capital. Be safe out there, folks…



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