DC Blogs Noted

As we dig our way out from under fallen branches, the topic of conversation everywhere is: “What’s it like where you are?”

Hurricane Irene swept through the D.C./MD/VA area with much less damage than expected, but many residents are still without power. Thanks to smartphones, we’re still able to keep in touch with them, via Facebook and Twiter.

A big thank you goes out to all the EMS Staff and other emergency personell, the power companies, and the News folk who kept us all safe and informed during and after the storm.

Those who were relatively uneffected (and some who were) by the storm are still blogging away, though.

Stirrup Queens talks a little bit about trying to prepare for emergencies such as these, and how hard it is to truly be ready when the moment comes.

A DC Birding Blog took a few moments before the storm to walk through their garden and snap a few pictures, where as One Photograph A Day snaps a picture of a local supermarket’s bare shelves as DC residents prepared for Irene this weekend.

Those of us with power were laughing hysterically at Hilarity in Shoes ‘s “Hurricane Update” tweets. Here she shares some of her precious gems with readers.

Finally, The Gold Puppy is also taking about Irene, and sharing some neat pictures of “the morning after.”



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