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Though October usually brings to mind the colors Orange and Black, we’ve also come to associate it with the color pink, because October is breast cancer awareness month. However, Social Butterfly posts an article that suggests Pink might not be the best color to raise awareness after all. Though a rep for Susan G. Komen argues that pink has “worked” for them so far, take a look at the statistics.

Fans of The Hunger Games series are chomping at the bit for the movies, and as usual Punk Drunk Critics has the latest information (including teaser trailers) about the upcoming film.

On the topic of books, several DC Bloggers have written about their summer reading lists. Stage Banter shares and summarizes a list of favorites (including one of my personal favorite, Romana the Pest). Where The Beltway Ends also discusses books, books, and more books with some tips on where the best finds are.

Fall is almost upon us, and many folks are breaking with the tradition of summer weddings, and opting for a cooler, chicer, fall wedding. The Angry Bureaucrat has been doing a series on weddings, and my favorite so far is this snappy post about my least favorite type of wedding: The Destination Wedding.

As I reveal this secret about Moms everywhere, I can only hope that Soup is Not A Finger Food can forgive me… but the world must know. Mommies have magical powers.



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