DC Blogs Noted

This post from Scary Mommy combines two of my favorite things: righteous indignation over stupid things people say to children, and raging sarcasm to address these stupid things.

I often say that blog posts that I read about parenting make me question the value of the enterprise. This missive from the hectic life of Sarah and the Goon Squad don’t do much to disabuse me of the feeling. But I do agree about the sour cream thing…

PSA time: no matter how bad or not-bad your particular experience with Irene was, the Metro DC Lawn and Garden Blog reminds us that “what goes in the ground, comes around.”

I can’t add anything to this flash – sorry – of brilliance from Not Enough Tequila in the World.

Now THIS is a good way to deal with unwanted mail. Thanks for the heads-up, Velvet in Dupont.

And finally, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring you pretty pictures of food. Roasted tomatoes with feta and chickpeas? OK, I am definitely doing this. Thanks, Mango & Tomato!



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