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On September 11th, 2001, I was sitting in my A.P. U.S. History Class during my junior year of high school. I remember how whatever superficial thoughts I had been thinking before the principle quietly poked her head into the room and pulled my teacher out into the hallway disappeared when he reentered a few moments later, his expression somber. I remember girls gasping, and some crying as we watched the footage on the news. I remember that nothing was the same after that day.

Sunday, ten years later, our nation remembered, and while yesterday’s round up honored that, there were hundreds of blogs written about the anniversary over the weekend. Cellar Blog writes about the famous “Falling Man” photograph from the 9/11 attacks, Sallying reposts a blog originally written just after the attacks, Sassy Marmalade recounts her own personal experience in D.C., and Life as List shares a picture of the 9/11 Memorial in Bryant Park.

So many bloggers honored the fallen, and those who ran towards the ash and flames while others ran away, and while I would love to include every single one of these touching blogs, that’s not possible. Though what happened was a horrible tragedy that will forever mark our memories, the one glimmer shining through the smoke is that it brought a nation together, and reminded us all what a sense of pride and passion we have for our country and our freedom.

On the lighter side of the blogging world, Free in D.C. has details on Wednesday’s “Kostume Karaoke”.

Wild and Crazy Pearl is in the kitchen, making a delicious Kale, Feta and Cranberry dish, and sharing the recipe with readers.

Speaking of Food, Go Backpacking has a picture that will make your mouth water, and possibly step on the next plane to France.

Urban Turf has new listings for those looking to make a move.

Last but not least, Lemon Gloria had me laughing with her “mean, angry little spoon.”



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