DC Blogs Noted

Need a pick me up to get you through to Thirsty Thursday happy hour tonight?  Just take a look at these adorable photos by C+C Marriage Factory and you will be grinning ear to ear from the adorableness.  At least I did.

So Good asks an interesting question: Rosemary or Cilantro?  It is not a hard choice for me because I really dislike cilantro…but I have a feeling it would be tough for a lot of other people.  What one would you give up forever?

And That’s Why You’re Single shares her blunt advice to both single men and women in DC and candidly urges everyone to expect more in the people they choose to date.  Speaking of expecting more, Not Enough Tequila in the World explores the different warning signs that a relationship may be ending.

Finally, kudos to all of us, and thanks to DC Condo Boutique for pointing it out, that we live in the second healthiest city in the nation!



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