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A new addition to our DC Blog’s family was forwarded to me today, and after reading a few of District of Colombian ‘s posts, I can see that he, like me, is a student of life. His latest post is one that questions the delicate threads in our relationships, both with people he knows and those he does not. It’s an interesting read.

As this Friday will mark the first day of fall, even though temperatures have been reflecting it for a few days all ready here in the District, Mochatini shares a few pictures to help us get into the spirit of the season.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but as the daughter and friend of survivors, I think that we should work towards raising money for and researching all types of cancer, all the time, but I appreciate any amount of effort for the cause. District 365 posted information on an event next month that hopes to raise money and get folks involved with taking a bite out of cancer.

I am strictly omnivorous, so when a new recipe graces the live feed, I’m all over it like a Kardashian on an opportunity to be on TV. This vegetarian masterpiece from Cookies and Kale had me taking inventory of my kitchen to see if I could possibly make this right this moment.

Many people watch the Emmy’s to see who won (I consider it a personal victory anytime that “Mad Men” is nominated for anything), but I actually watch it to see who is wearing what. East Coast Chic is just a obsessed, if not more so, with celeb style, and her, she recaps a few of her favorite looks.



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