DC Blogs Noted

I am an only child, and I’m pretty glad I was. My dad sometimes tells me, though, that he wonders if I should have had siblings. As The Edited Life tells us, this is a common concern, and she considers the potential change in her oldest child.

From Listen to Leon, a reflection on Troy Davis, activism and race. Thought-provoking stuff, no matter what your feelings are.

Art imitates life, they say, but lately it seems that fashion has been imitating television. Capital Style points out the similarities in this chicken-and-egg debate (and brings us tons of drool-worthy pictures of clothes – sorry, guys…).

Now THIS is a diet plan I can support: a literary diet. Thanks, Team Wet Dog!

Ew. Spiders. Poor Orange Hoodie

The only upshot of fall, at least for this beach-loving Gulf Coast girl, is soup and stew weather. Here are some pretty pictures of sausage soup from Cookies and Kale.

And in lieu of my usual vacation pictures, let’s go out on something I think we ALL can agree on. You are so right, Lumpyhead – there ought to be a law. Have a great weekend!



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