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It is a virtual law of argument that if your premise is judging a book by its cover (or movie by its trailer) said argument has less merit. The Snarkshelf, however, bucks that point of conversational stare decisis with a critique of the unseen movies What’s Your Number and I Don’t Know How She Does It.

Laura E. Donovan takes a look at some of her junior-high celebrity crushes in the more critical light of adulthood.

Happy Third Wedding Anniversary to Lemon Gloria… not for nothing, but the picture alone is enough to warm the heart of any dating cynic.

-the fooler initiative- is a blog the doesn’t write with great frequency but when she does, we are all better entertained or even enlightened by the result. Her Conversation with a young cousin is hilariously poignant.

As a sommelier of some distinction, this contributing editor views most wine blogs as a banal collection of uniformed and snobbish musings not worth the pixels on which they are printed. A Glass After Work, however, is wholly and substantively different as the blogger weaves stories about wine that are accessible to both expert and novice alike. Her thoughts on Vacation Wine are particularly emblematic of her facility with the language of wine.



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