DC Blogs Noted

Three reasons I am including this post from the DC Beer blog:

  1. They’re writing about Glarus, which is almost certainly among the best beers you’ve never heard of
  2. They’re writing about Meridian Pint which is an absolute gem of a restaurant/beer palace that ought to get more pub than it does
  3. DC Beer is a leading authority on beer in this area (online, offline, whatever, they know their brew)

Photo of the Day: the Whitehouse’s symbolic tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month… Go Team Pink! Thanks, French Twist, for the shot.

Photo of the Day #2: Team Wet Dog goes old school on DC Irony.

DC Blogs contributing editors actively try to avoid overtly partisan blog inclusions… exceptionally well written or well argued posts are occasional exceptions. The Republic of T’s post explaining why Mitt Romney is a Tool qualifies under both exceptions.

Even though she is no longer in the DMV, the delightfully profane irreverence of Awkward Sex and the City still merits entry on this list with the Top Ten Things that **** Her Off… not for the easily offended or thin of skin.



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