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PSA time, after a fashion (gaah, pardon the pun): Capitol Hill Style addresses the very press ion issue of fun grown-up Halloween costumes for women that aren’t… excessively provocative, we’ll say.

Pretty pictures of small plates of very fancy food, courtesy of Business, Casual.

You know those Cosmo articles that give you lists of things to psychoanalyze about men? I much prefer this version, with ten rather hilarious things not to ask your man, over at Parenting by Dummies.

Virginia, where I live and am barred as an attorney, has a strange reputation in the metro area. But one thing the Commonwealth does better than nearly anywhere else I’ve seen is fall foliage. Here, for your autumnal enjoyment, is some gorgeous Virginia Creeper, courtesy of A DC Birding Blog.

And just because I like y’all, and I want you to be happy, I’m brining you a post full of beautiful words and pictures from The Gold Puppy. No reason – it’s just pretty. Have a lovely weekend!



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