DC Blogs Noted

Pandahead remembers a young adulthood filled with few responsibilities, lots of Wayne’s World, and hours upon hours of “black situational comedies.”

007 in Africa has an unusually moving trip to the dentist. Not for the faint of heart.

A lot of awesome recipes – with pictures! – from A Little Nosh. You may recognize some other DC Blogs frequent posters here, too!

Last week’s GW Truck-A-Palooza was a semi-success for Adventures of the Cookie Girl. Grilled cheese, kabobs, and just about anything else you’d ever want lined up for the taking.

Scary Mommy lovingly talks about the differences between sharing a dessert as a new couple and sharing a dessert as a married pair.

It’s a Miracle on 14th Street! PULP to stay open! via Borderstan



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