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Finances are on everyone’s mind these days, and the folks here in our nation’s capital are no different. Moneywise Moms has information on free Kiddy Arts and Crafts, just in time for Halloween, and Girls Just Wanna Have Funds has some mega money saving tips for folks in all sorts of situations.

Learning about other bloggers is one of my favorite things. I get to be weird and creepy without actually being weird and creepy. This “Meet Me on Monday” questionnaire/myspace-reminiscent-survey, with answers provided by The Unpopular Girl in Womanhood allows me to do just that.

“Slice of Life” posts are also really interesting to me because, as mentioned, I’m fascinated by other people. Even a quick post like this entry from Foodie Tots about peanuts, is still cute… I’d even go so far as to pun with “good enough to eat.”

Undeniably, parenting is tough. I love how some of our DC Bloggers tackle the hurdles their kids set up for them each day. GroggyLand is talking about “the birds and the bees”, but the real gem of the entry is a link to a video about another parent’s experience with “the talk”.

If you can handle a little (or a lot) of harsh language, Super Nova Bride‘s rant about all the inconsiderate people weddings thrust into our lives might make you giggle… or maybe it was just that line about hay balers that set me off.

Last, but never least, Clarendon Nights is providing music lovers with info about Night Life in October.



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