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Brief Editorial Aside: while going through the the DC Blogs live feed to compile this edition of DC Blogs Noted, I was struck by the number of once-DC based blogs in the list. In some ways, that speaks to the transient and by (my) definition more vibrant nature of this great city. Kudos to you, all of you bloggers who passed through this stamp of Paris on the Potomac. Our world is still richer for your presence, however fleeting.

From the Congratulations Desk at DC Blogs:

Best Wishes to Lemon Gloria who, in predictably hilarious fashion, writes about being pregnant again at an age north of 40.

Congratulations to Midnight Train to DC on her recent nuptials.

…and an incredibly hearty congratulations to She Who Has Why on surviving lymphoma.

The Cutter Rambles details the perils of buying a new car (and laments the family necessitated loss of his convertible.)

In an attempt to offer a way out of the intractable morass that is the NBA lockout, the Truth About It takes players (and to a lesser degree) owners to task regarding their difficulty in splitting a multi-billion dollar pie.

Photo-of-the-Day: Kayaking on the Potomac from Unpopped Collar

General Shout-Out to kissing and other disasters a rather entertaining dating blog of which this contributing editor just took notice.



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