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Some public dust-ups deserve even more publicity, Lemmonex‘s squabble with Bolt Bus is one such occasion.

It was not immediately clear to this contributing editor if Freestyle Literature‘s latest post was fiction or non. What was evident was that the tale of love gone tragic/hateful/vindictive compels and commands attention.

An introduction from Hilarity in Shoes that deserves no augment:

In honor of Halloween, here are some things I’m afraid of.  Stupid things–for information on the things I’m really afraid of, such as dying alone and childless and being eaten by cats after not having an orgasm for decades, see every other post on this blog.

The Edited Life reminds us all about the power and reckless optimism of humility.

Maybe this contributing editor is still being a bit wistful about a break-up, but Wife & Mommy‘s reflections on an old parting seem particularly poignant.



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