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Though the Minnesota State Fair is certainly not the DC State Fair, it has its perks, according to Wild and Crazy Pearl.

Just in time for the cool weather, East Coast Chic previews a line of scarves that you can see in person at Woodley Park’s Carbon next weekend.

Candy Sandwich serves up a verbal snapshot of the many faces taking part in the now month-long Occupy DC: from the self-proclaimed homeless, illegal immigrant to the part-time student/part-time occupier to libertarian communist. It’s a colorful portrait you might not be reading about in the mainstream press.

fANNEtastic Food celebrates her engagement with a wonderful meal at Plume…and she takes lots of pictures!

I don’t know that I’ve ever though that “pacemaker” and “party” could, or should, be used in the same sentence, but this blog post from Pandahead is surprisingly uplifting and sweet. And it comes with a musical bonus.

As the mother of a young son who has just learned how to say “I love you,” I’m particularly touched by this reflection by Moms in Boyland on raising a boy into adolescence, only to watch him do alien things like grow a mustache and no longer freely shout his affection from the rooftops. Via Parenting by Dummies.

Speaking of young boys, over the past year (ok, less than a year) that I’ve been doing the weekend round-up for DC Blogs, my two year old has pushed his bedtime from the glorious hour of 7pm to the torturous hour of 9pm. That, combined with an ever-growing professional load for me (not complaining!) has made me sadly come to the realization that I can’t keep this up anymore. So this will be my last DC Blogs round-up, but I will remain a faithful reader of all the fantastic blogs that you all put your hearts and keyboards into. Have a great week, and may you consume many many blog posts during your long Monday workday!
–Jessica/Paint It What I Tell You



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