DC Blogs Noted:

Baby bloggers Ego Inc. & Rude Catcus New arrivals captured in some absolutely wonderful photographs. Click on the screenshots.

Some other local blogs about childbirth and raising children include: Amalah Life Changes .. Delayed Not-For-Profit-Dad Rotten Eggs 2at1ce (Thanks to DC Cookie for the 2at1ce link) Rules for dealing with customer service Son of Clown Ops Dealing with customer service is usually frustrating. Here’s some advice from someone who once worked at it. It starts like this:

1. Customer Service thinks you’re an idiot. Why not oblige them? Continually pretend that you don’t understand their policies. Never EVER admit that you might be wrong or mistaken. An excellent phrase to use is, “Can you explain to me…?” , and “I’m having a little bit of trouble understanding….”

Things I’ve learned Crazy, Goofy World A list of 16 things learned at work. Earned wisdom:

1. I may not always be right, but gosh darn it, I’m not always wrong either. The “expert” or “senior” can be wrong and you can’t take their word for it. You have to check up on them, too.

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