DC Blogs Noted:

Career Change Chronicle: Computers to Chef Deglazed You have to love the name of this blog, Deglazed, because it sums up its subject matter perfectly. This is the story of a man who has decided to switch careers from “computer guy” to chef. I am scared out of my ever-loving mind, he writes in his first post earlier this month. Among the discoveries about his new career: Can you believe there are people who are going to cooking school who won’t eat seafood? Or try blue cheese? Scroll to the bottom and read through his posts. Also Noted Our writer, Good at Drinking, Bad at Life, turns out a clever and engaging post about people obsessing about food preparation at Chipotle, Subway and any other place where food preparers are watched as closely as bank tellers counting out hundreds. City Sparkle produces a sharply organized post on a range of topics, but the one that drew comments was this observation about DC dating: I have tons of gorgeous, skinny, smart, laidback and cool girl friends that are single, and people ask why. Why? Life without bug spray. An excerpt: … she figured there was a reason that I had left a bowl upside down in the middle of the floor, writes Recovering Overachiever. Will the bowl be used again? A professional artist and sign designer has a photograph of her recent sign work. It was completed for the restaurant, Nage. She writes: I was not only paid in money for this work, but was given a complimentary dinner there. I had a deep-fried lobster and cornmeal appetizer with jicama and mango julienne. For my main meal, I was served the “wolf-fish” … From Electron Blue