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What does it mean to reinvent yourself? The writer of The Good Eye Project, writes about returning to Texas. Her post beings: I sat hunched over in a plastic chair in JFK airport, balling my eyes out. I was leaving DC and moving back home to Texas. I was happy to be going back. It’s where I felt I belonged. But the one thing I couldn’t stand was knowing that my most cherished moments with my friends in DC, especially my friend Mikey, were being delegated to memory.

Despite the arrest of the owner of Anacostia’s popular new bar, Uniontown, over a large cocaine shipment, the writer of Congress Heights on the Rise remains optimistic about the neighborhood’s future.

Target refuses to sell the Domestic Goddess a picture frame.

The Girl With the Red Stethoscope finds a complaint, offered by someone else, as an effective way to begin a post. It starts: “You know, at some point, we’re going to need to have a proper first kiss. I’m tired of seeing you and not being able to kiss you.” I was standing in the foyer of The Lawyer’s condo on Saturday night, when he made the declaration.

Rosie’s rainbow birthday cake is one cool looking cake. Many photos. Part two and part one. Tied to my apron strings

Occupy DC Rant and stuff. A Tale of Two K Streets.



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