DC Blogs Noted

Chelsea Talks’ latest post offers some very raw and honest reflections about her past relationship.  Her insight and ability to draw the reader in and get the reader to relate is incredible.  Great post that is a must-read for anyone who is struggling to realize what they are worth after a break-up.

And now lets do a complete 180, while I recommend Meeting Girls On Metro’s blog about condoms.  Buying them. Using them. Not using them. Pretty funny stuff.

I recently found Avert Your Eyes blog.  She is a funny writer with interesting insight and stories. Her most recent post talks about something we can all relate to as the holidays approach: family.  Sigh.

Southern Girl in the City started off with a plan of going out on a new date each week.  She was sticking to that plan until she met someone special.  She writes about the beginning of the relationship in a way I think a lot of other single girls will relate.  She calls it “major like mode.”

Finally, get ready for your tummy to grumble as you read (and see the photos) Fannetastic Food’s blog about her early “Friendsgiving.” Yum!!



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