DC Blogs Noted

Dad and Cleveland Revisited. Melissa the Misanthrope shares touching anecdotes. It starts: When my dad passed away back in January 2002 after a long battle with cancer, I couldn’t look at his pictures. I’m a daddy’s girl, and those pictures shocked me to the core. City in Blue. Pink Monkey Knits has a clever take on DC. On Saturday’s live feed, two posts, one with the title of Mean by Finding Blanche was immediate adjacent to a post titled Nice by Lucky Spinster. This alignment was pointed out by OSS. You can go home again, but it’s changed. Dop, the writer of My View from the Jeep who moved from DC to Chicago, was back for a visit and went to a festival in Cumberland. But what was once a thriving two-day festival has become something else. In a note about it, Siryn called it “a great and sad post.Failed Southern Lady, a consistently funny, sharp and entertaining writer, has ended her blog. When something begins to feel like a chore, it’s time to stop, she writes. Please visit dcblogs.com/live