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Thanksgiving is just days away, and I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Many DCers are getting into the spirit of things by sharing their holiday plans and recipes with readers:

Hungry Sam the Conqueror has Thanksgiving all wrapped up. Sam also has a recipe for Herb Roasted Turkey that brings a twist to an old favorite.

I love any excuse for a good beer, but the relatives being in town can definitely merit a brew or two. DCBeer has a simple Holiday Beer Guide, pairing brews with holiday meals for a delicious (and perhaps slightly more mellow) evening.

For those who can’t host their relatives…. or maybe just want a break from the annual pressure of trying to perfect a massive wave of vegetables and a huge bird, Bitches Who Brunch have details on many local restaurants open meals on Thanksgiving Day.

Josef Brandenburg’s Fitness Blog compiled a list of previous recipes for readers, all delicious, and all healthy.

The Cuteness Overload at Pink and Green Mama reminds us (well, me at least) that Thanksgiving is, (besides being grateful for all that we have) about family.



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